The Himalayan Boy and the TV Set


The Himalayan Boy and the TV Set:…, Monday 22 Sep 2014 at 22:00BBC FOUR

This is a documentary about how the TV set into a village.

Theme: Happiness

It’s a tough life in the mountains, herding yaks and harvesting barley with a sickle, but change is coming to the valley – a road, and electricity. And, for the first time in Bhutan, the king has allowed television.

It’s not just the story of a little boy, it’s the story of a little country undergoing monumental change. There is some sadness about. The diggers tear at the hills, and workmen put up overhead cables, and the scenery will never be the same again. A way of life that has been around for centuries is suddenly disappearing.

The electricity arrives, to fire up the brand new telly. The whole village arrives, in their best clothes. They’re transfixed, with the slightly glazed look that people only have when they’re watching television. What are they watching, that has turned them all into zombies? WWE wrestling, from America. Maybe that’s all the king allows.

The documentary movie has filmed in a less development mountain village, which is a country called Bhutan. The popularity of television and electricity have changed these remote mountain children’ psychology, culture, tradition, custom and religion. That might be what we have experienced in 30 years ago.

How to cite thisThe Himalayan Boy and the TV Set:…, [television programme, online], Prod. credit n.k., Prod. company n.k., Prod. country n.k., 22:00 22/9/2014, BBC FOUR, 70mins., (Accessed 09/05/2016).



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